Issue 1, Volume II
February, 2012

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Loctronix Briefs

Loctronix Debuts MEP Demonstration at CES

The by-invitation-only Loctronix Mobile Explorer Platform™ (MEP) demo event that had people buzzing at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show offered industry guests a sneak peek at the future of indoor positioning and tour of Loctronix’s MEP development board. Using the InvenSense MPU-6050 3-axis gyro + 3-axis accelerometer and Point Inside’s mapping application, Loctronix’s demo gave attendees a firsthand view of how this network autonomous MEP sensor fusion delivers highly accurate pedestrian navigation displayed on high-quality interactive maps. 

MEP and WiFi – Better Together (read article ...)

Loctronix adds support for autonomous WiFi positioning and hotspot profiling to deliver the most accurate, versatile, and reliable indoor positioning capability for consumer mobile wireless devices.

Viva Barcelona!  Make Your Plans Now to See Loctronix Latest MEP Demo at Mobile World Congress

Next stop on the Mobile Explorer Platform world tour will be the Mobile World Congress exhibition in Barcelona, Spain, Feb. 27 – Mar. 1.  If you missed us at CES don’t worry, we will be demonstrating the MEP technology and development options during MWC, giving users a peek at the future of indoor positioning.  To secure a date and time for a private showing, please contact Tom Davis (

Loctronix Heads Towards the Stars with SCP-ONS (click here to learn more...)

Introducing SCP Orbital Navigation and Science™ (SCP-ONS) waveform for space software defined radio applications. Loctronix is adapting its core SCP technologies to provide a highly flexible solution meeting the most demanding mission requirements for LEO, GEO, and beyond.

NASA Awards Two SBIR Grants to Develop SCP-ONS Applications

Loctronix together with partner Emergent Space Technologies has won two NASA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants for SCP-ONS based solutions. The companies are assessing the capabilities of SCP-ONS when integrated with NASA GEONS and TDRSS Augmentation Satellite System (TASS) and porting the core SCP-ONS waveform to a NASA Space Telecommunications Radio System (STRS) compliant SDR platform. These projects build upon a previous SBIR award by the AFRL for the Generalized Broadband Operationally Responsive Navigator (G-BORN).

Industry News

  • Nov. 11, 2011 – “Mobile apps help you spend wisely”
    This article from explores the exploding world of mobile shopping applications.  Price comparisons, product reviews, product availability, discount coupons – all can be delivered directly to your mobile phone.  Now all the consumer needs is the ability to navigate to the in-store display to make his final selection!  Wonder how that might be done… hmm… Click here for the article.
  • Feb. 1 2012 – “Google Mobile Search Ad Requests More than Doubled in 2011” 
    What really got our attention in this article from was the following:  Google’s mobile ad revenue is expected to double to $5.8 billion (with a big “B”) in 2012, and “Google will be using mobile signals even more to serve more relevant ads”.  The implications for indoor positioning are HUGE… there’s an economic model to support the need for the technology and the next stage will require a positioning component to deliver those “relevant” ads in store as you walk down the aisle past the product. Click here for the article.
  • Feb. 16, 2012  FCC Revokes LightSquared License”.  In the ongoing battle between satellite broadband startup LightSquared and the GPS industry over interference, LightSquared has lost.  Here's the full story from

Industry Events

Be sure to look for Loctronix and mark your calendars for these upcoming industry events:

In the next issue of The Insider...

  • Demos all over the Global Map Loctronix Mobile Explorer Platform™ (MEP) shows is can operate globally. In our next issue you can check out the Mobile World Congress demonstration video to see what the international community has now experienced. 
  • Loctronix is rocketing next month, we’ll talk more about Loctronix SCP technology for aerospace and highlight the Orbital Navigation and Science™ Waveform (SCP-ONS) platform.
  • Now what? No breaks! after Mobile World Congress we will be at the May 2012 CTIA show in New Orleans.  In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us for an introductory meeting.