Issue 1, Volume III
March, 2013

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Loctronix Briefs

Loctronix is on the Move! – A Message from the CEO (read article ...)

It is been a while since we last published the Insider, so there is a lot to catch up on. Following successful demonstrations at CES, MWC, JNC, and other shows and conferences, we began expanding our development program to include mission-critical navigation and tracking applications for GPS-challenged environments. We’re on target to roll out initial product offerings in mid-2013.

Announcing Loctronix Advanced Software Radio™ (ASR) Solutions (read article ...)

Loctronix is excited to announce its new Advanced Software Radio™ (ASR) solutions for positioning and navigation applications in GPS-challenged environments. The ASR package consists of SDR hardware, proprietary waveforms, and a variety of tools and kits supporting multiple applications and development activities. ASR targets GPS-challenged applications that require a flexible solution which can be adapted to address specific requirements unmatched by conventional techniques.

Mercury Data Systems and Loctronix Join Forces (read article ...)

Mercury Data Systems (Greensboro, NC) and Loctronix are joining forces to develop and market robust surface navigation solutions incorporating Loctronix’ ASR and MEP components. Targeting military and commercial terrestrial applications for GPS-obstructed positioning and navigation, the two companies plan to combine expertise and technologies to create specialized tracking devices ideal for use by war-fighters and first responders. 

MEP for M2M (read article ...)

Loctronix is now working on a MEP solution for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) devices enabling these traditionally GPS-oriented products to obtain accurate indoor positioning information from other signal sources and sensors.

Industry News

    • January 2013 – Pilotless Aerial Vehicle Systems: Size, scale and functions
      Pilotless aerial vehicle systems (PAVs) have captured many people’s imaginations through the media as combat vehicles in various war zones around the world. [...] But, PAVs have also been deployed for non-military work. read article...
    • February 2013 – Google’s White Spaces Database Goes Live in Test Next Week
      Two years ago, Google was one of ten entities selected by the Federal Communications Commission to operate a white spaces database. Google's database is finally just about ready to go [..], the company will begin a 45-day trial allowing the database to be tested by the public. read article...
    • March 1 – Innovation: A Better Way: Monitoring the Ionosphere with Integer-Leveled GPS Measurements
      It's not just for position, navigation, and timing. Many people do not realize that GPS is being used in a variety of ways in addition to those of its primary mandate, which is to provide accurate position, velocity, and time information.  read article...

Industry Events

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